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Oz-Wash is Moto Oz's most popular detailing/cleaning product. Oz-Wash will give your bike a clean and professional finish. Oz-Wash is a waterless cleaner for everyday use and safe for all surfaces. Quickly clean and shine your bike prior to a ride or after getting in from the road. Safely removes dust, bugs, bird droppings, finger smudges, and rain spots while giving a deep rich shine. Oz-Wash repels dust and dirt from all surfaces. Works exceptionally well on glass, plexiglass, chrome, and painted surfaces. Oz-Wash does NOT contain alcohol, petroleum, or ammonia. 4oz bottle fits great in the saddlebag or tank bag. 8oz bottle small enough to take in saddlebag or tank bag for multi-day trips. 32oz bottle - handy for cleaning the bike at home. Also included in the Moto Oz Detailing Kit
ozwash.jpg Oz Wash (4oz) case of 6
4oz Spray Bottle retail for $4.99 Buy a case of 6 for less than $4.35 a bottle! Great size for the saddlebag or the tank bag.

ozwash.jpg Oz Wash (8oz)
$7.39 / 8oz Spray Bottle. Get your bike clean after a day of riding or shine it up for the bike show. Fits easily in your saddlebag.

ozwash.jpg Oz Wash (32oz)
11.95 / 32oz Spray Bottle. Sturdy bottle and sprayer. Great product for daily cleaning or shining your ride for the bike show.

oz_kit Oz-Detailing Set
Have your bike showroom ready in a short time by using the complete Moto Oz detailing kit. Set includes sturdy travel bag, one high quality microfiber cloth, one 4oz Oz-Wash, one 4oz Oz-Polish, one 4oz Oz-Leather, and one 4oz Oz-Chrome. Easy to keep all your cleaning/detailing products in one travel bag to take every time you ride.