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Oz Wash
Oz Chrome
Oz Polish
Oz-Leather cleans, conditions, and protects all leather and vinyl. The convenient wipe-off formula removes dirt and leaves a well conditioned protected surface that repels dust and dirt, but does not leave oily residue. The UV inhibitors retard fading, discoloration, and cracking. Regular use will keep leathers and vinyl looking great and will restore weathered leather. Available in convenient 4oz and 8oz bottles. Also included in the Moto Oz Detailing Kit
ozleather.jpg Oz Leather 4oz (case of 6)
Clean, restore, and protect you leather and vinyl. Oz Leather is a premier leather product that will leave your leather and vinyl smooth and soft, but not slick.

ozleather.jpg Oz Leather (8oz)
8oz Bottle of a premier leather/vinyl cleaner, restorer, and protector. Leaves leather/vinyl smooth, soft, but not slick.

oz_kit Oz-Detailing Set
Have your bike showroom ready in a short time by using the complete Moto Oz detailing kit. Set includes sturdy travel bag, one high quality microfiber cloth, one 4oz Oz-Wash, one 4oz Oz-Polish, one 4oz Oz-Leather, and one 4oz Oz-Chrome. Easy to keep all your cleaning/detailing products in one travel bag to take every time you ride.